Radio programing

While everyone is welcome to program their radios in any way they desire, there is a clear benefit  to having at least one standardized zone for those who might be involved in a full blown ARES event in Wayne County.

The suggested zone structure for radios that have DMR talk-groups is as follows...

Name the zone "Wayne Events" and have the channels in the following arrangement and names.

Channel 1. 146.52 (National Simplex)
Channel 2. Woo DMR (Wooster local DMR)
Channel 3. SARA DMR (Silvercreek Local DMR)
Channel 4. Woo 3139   (Ohio Statewide Wooster repeater)
Channel 5. SARA 3139 (Ohio Statewide Silvercreek repeater)
Channel 6. SARA 314   (TAC 314 Silvercreek repeater)
Channel 7. Woo 314      (TAC 314 Silvercreek repeater)
Channel 8. 345 repeater (147.345 Repeater in Wooster)
Channel 9. SARA VHF ( Silvercreek  147.39 repeater)
Channel 10. Woo VHF  ( Wooster 147.21 repeater)
146.415  Simplex
146.460  Simplex

Having a standard such as this allows everyone to be "on the same page" when it comes to working together



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  2. General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), or the Extreme Radio Service (eXRS )? Have you at any point considered utilizing the marine VHF groups for land to water interchanges? A large portion of these are promptly accessible and just one radio requires a simple to acquire FCC permit.


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