Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ohio ARES Conference is cancelled for 2020

A message from Ohio Section EC Stan Broadway...
Stan Broadway

There is a great deal of concern and hype over the Coronavirus in Ohio. It has prompted Ohio State University and other similar schools to close large lecture halls and face-to-face teaching.  As a result, OSU Marion / Marion Tech has followed that policy and closed the large lecture hall we had scheduled for our ARES Ohio Conference April 4. 

As such the Ohio ARES Conference is cancelled for 2020. 

Let’s imagine for a moment that it really does hit the fan.  The Governor shuts everything down. Nobody moves (except responders).  This is a situation where we might easily become very important!  

Let’s test ourselves!  Instead of having the conference April 4,  let’s conduct a drill that would be applied during this emergency, during a blizzard, or any other widespread situation!   Here’s the plan: 

April 4 11 AM:   Checkin net on 40 meters  7.240 +/- QRM 
April 4 11:30 AM:  Checkin net on 80 meters  3.902 +/-
April 4 12:15 PM:  Checkin net on 80 for OHDEN  3585
April 4   1:00 PM:  Checkin net on DMR Ohio (3139)  and Fusion  “Ohio Link:  31399
This will be a quick checkin only net, no traffic. It’s just designed to prove we can communicate from home, while ‘locked down’ and still get the job done!  Hope to hear you on the air! 

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