Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bolo Net announcements

The following message was sent via FlDigi at the end of Monday nights BOLO net.

Thanks for being part of the DMR Bolo net for January 27, 2020.
Key points tonight. Thefts form cars have increased over the past few days. Remind people to lock their cars and take valuables inside.
One week from today (Feb 3rd at 6:30pm) we will have an ARES meeting/workshop at the Wayne County EOC at the Justice center. Bring a laptop if you have one. We are going to try to standardize FLdigi.

Had some new unlicensed folks approach us at lunch today. They may attend the meeting. Please make them feel welcome.

A reminder that the WARC club meeting will also be at the Justice Center on Feb 13th at 7:30. Scott Yonally plans to attend. 

The Ohio Section ARES Conference is going to be held on April 4th at Marion Technical College So make sure to mark your calendars for this date. Also, don’t forget to “sign up” for this event in ARES Connect as well!

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