Monday, December 16, 2019

The BOLO Net

Join us for the weekly BOLO net on DMR Talk-group 311070.The BOLO net is a joint effort of the members of the Wayne County &  Silver Creek amateur radio clubs as well as Wayne County ARES.
The net meets every Monday at 8pm (eastern time).

This net invites all licensed amateur radio operators to participate, so please check in with us. This net is a directed net, and all traffic will pass through net control.

To have a more enjoyable DMR experience during the net please disable “digi monitor” or  “promiscuous mode” in your radio. If you are connecting via a hotspot consider making 311070 “static” during the net.
We will start the net by taking check-ins from those who have first signed up on ARES connect. This will  be followed by regular check- in's.
  Traffic appropriate for this net includes announcements, technical talk,  weather, or any information regarding amateur radio. Please refrain from discussions that are political or religious in nature. Likewise, refrain from discussions about ongoing medical problems. We hope your recent colonoscopy went well but would rather not discuss it here!
Please note that talk group 311070 can be found in the "Wayne Events" zone position number two. 

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