Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wayne County ARES will be playing a part in the 2019 Nationwide Situational Emergency Test

Hey gang, I am excited to say that Wayne County ARES will be playing a part in the 2019 Nationwide Situational Emergency Test (SET). This event will be taking place on Saturday October 5th.

The good news is that nearly anyone can play a part in this. No special training or equipment (a 2 meter mobile is helpful) is required. In a nutshell the exercise is designed to allow us to create a map that outlines simplex 2 meter coverage. To do this right we need YOU to play along.

On the day of the event we will operate in the spirit of the exercise. Remember, the power has been out for days, and conventional communication has stopped. Yes, even the 2 meter repeaters are silent. As a result of this outage, I will NOT be able to contact you by phone on the 5th. The alert for help will go out over 146.460 simplex.

Once the exercise us underway and I know who is playing along, I will make assignments for those who are playing to travel to various fire and police stations within Wayne County to test simplex communications from the parking lots. The more people who participate the less distance anyone will need to travel. My plan is to have people visit locations that are near their home. Most will travel less than 10 miles depending on were you start from. Again, I need you to listen to 146.460 around 9AM on the 5th for the proper instruction's.

While the SET is designed to test simplex, we will also take the time to test the 2meter repeaters in Wooster and Doylestown and report their coverage as well. This exercise is also a great way to introduce a friend into the hobby. Have them get into the car and go for a ride while you demonstrate how the radios work.

Without question there will be locations that will be unable to reach the EOC and we will need people to relay traffic.

If you plan to play along please send me an email by using the from in the upper right side of this page.

UPDATE... The notification will come via the WENS system. This is the same system we use to send out the SKYWARN alerts.

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