Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ARES Connect

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ARES Connect

From Scott Yonally, N8SY

It seems as though the name "ARES Connect" is getting folks confused about who all should be using this system. Maybe we should just call it “Ham Radio Connect” or how’s about just plain “Connect” instead!Whatcha’ think? Would you think the system was for everyone then?

Like FT 8, this system is new to everyone and it seems that the moniker hung on this new system is keeping a lot of folks from using it. Let’s clear the air on that right now. It’s not just for ARES events. I'm here to tell you that it's to be used for ANY event that involves Amateur Radio. It can be a RACES, CERT, Skywarn, Red Cross or just a few hams gathered at a table to talk about Amateur Radio. It all counts!

Club meetings, hamfests, working on that club trailer, repeater, website, field day, parades, newsletter or just having fun keeping track of all those spandex folks during every kind of race imaginable are perfect examples of hours that count that are not necessarily ARES directly related but do have an impact on your community. Any Amateur Radio related activity should be an event in ARES Connect and your hours recorded. Why? These hours will help demonstrate to the FCC and all of our government officials (local, state and federal), as well as all of our served agencies our willingness to volunteer and help our fellow citizens. These are not just hours; they are dollars that are given back to our communities, and we want our government officials to know just how much we give back to help keep the frequencies that we have, as well as future frequencies that may be available later. Showing them in dollars how much we give back is what keeps their attention and helps preserve our current frequencies.

Just because the name of this system has ARES in it, doesn't mean that we only record ARES events. If it involves Amateur Radio IN ANY WAY then it needs to have an event established and hours recorded for it.

Here’s the really great news about this system. It’s never too late to get those valuable hours recorded, even if the event has already passed. The Admins of this system can setup events anytime and add you and your hours to those events.

Yes, I agree, the name of this system may not necessarily fit what it’s all about, but what’s in a name anyway!!!

Now, are you registered in the system yet? We need to make sure that no one is left behind.

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