Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just a cornfield away.

Norwayne beats Rittman 42 to 0.

I arrived well before the game just to see what happens at the “Home of the Bobcats”. Watching from the parking lot, I observed the players arrive. Many of them driving four-wheel drive pickup trucks. Upon arrival they would park in the grass behind the home team bleachers. It looked like a bit of tradition. Creston and Rittman, is farm country and for the most part the only thing that separates the two towns are the corn and bean fields.

As the parents arrived there was some good natured kidding between many of them. Many of these folks work and worship together. They are friends but took their spots on opposite sides of the field to cheer their teams on. After the game I am sure they became friends once again!

Enjoy a few pictures from the night and follow me on twitter to get updates!

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