Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's not just coffee

One could say that Paul Burton has brought a hint of the “big city” to Rittman. Burton grew-up in Rittman but left the area when he enlisted in the Navy upon graduation of high school. Upon leaving the Navy, Burton worked in the food service in the Gattlinburg Tennessee area for many years.

After recently moving back to Rittman Paul found himself asking “what should I do”.
“I had always dreamed of owning my own business and my family came up with the ideal of a gourmet coffee shop”.

As you walk into Burtons dream you feel like you have entered an upscale bistro in New York city. Track lighting provides a warm glow to the contrasting walls. The place feels more like nice living room than a cafe.
“I was looking for someplace with off street parking to make it convinced for my customers and this location is perfect. It took us six months to make the improvements that you see here” said Burton.

Coffee Connection opened in Rittman on July 2nd. The cafe specializes in gourmet coffee, tea's, salads, pastries and soups.

While I was visiting the coffee shop the big seller was not coffee at all. It was the smoothie.

I watched as a young lady took her first sip... first she smiled, then she spoke, “that's awesome” she said.

Burton said that he looks forward to forming long lasting friendships with his coustomers.

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