Friday, October 8, 2010

Pastor Jerry Burton...My Pastor

Jerry Burton is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church located in Rittman Ohio. He has been MY pastor for over 30years.
I want to tell you that this man is the real deal. Jerry Burton is a man who cares not only about his church but his community as well.
Last Sunday night members of the church got together and delivered invitations to nearly every home in the city of Rittman.. Close to 2500 invitations were left on the doors of homes in about one hour.

He spoke to the crowd...“This is called non-confrontational evangelism” Pastor Burton explained as he instructed the members to leave the material on the door knob of the homes. “This is outreach, letting the community know we are here and we care.”
The eighty plus church members were clearly excited as they went out upon their mission.

The goal was to invite the community to church this Sunday. October 10th, marks the 51st anniversary of the church.

“I do not know what we will see on Sunday, but when people need a church they will often reach out to the last contact they had and in many cases it will be us“. He told the group.

Pastor Burton has a philosophy of building bridges…not fences. “I want people to know that this is a place that they can come and be accepted as they are. So often churches build fences (keep others out) by having a legalistic view of what is expected of those who come to visit.” he said.

In addition to the church, the pastor is involved in both the Rittman Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. He and his wife Carol can often be seen at school sporting events as they express support for the local youth.

Often people say that they “plan” to start attending church but for one reason or another they fail to follow through. I feel they often think they will be singled out as a “new face in the crowd". This Sunday we expect many new faces. Why not let yours  be one of them?
If you have been "planing on it" this Sunday "just do it"!

If you do not attend church regularly please take time to join us. Remember 2500 others received a invitation and now you have too!

I hope to see you there!

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