Saturday, September 4, 2010

What would Leroy think?

The location is on Overton road bout ½ mile south of SR 604. It’s called Leroy’s Bridge and there are all kinds of stories about it. I suspect most of them are false. As you look at the picture you can be reminded of the beauty that often surrounds us.

Sadly this natural beauty is often overshadowed by things that are less appealing to the eye. Almost always the detraction comes from the hands of mankind.

The view from the south side of the bridge is wonderful but if you step back just a few feet the view changes dramatically.

Some might argue that there is no real harm done here. After all, the road is just as smooth, the bridge just as strong. Some might say, "it's just kids having fun".

I would argue that the charm of the area has been removed and replaced by hate and profanity.  Wayne County is not all rainbows and unicorns.
I feel that good places and the good people outnumber the bad.

If you see something that is unpleasing, try to change your view. It can be surprising what difference just a few feet can make!

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