Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tractors in the park.

If you have been to a county fair you have undoubtedly seen a tractor pull. In Ohio the modified tractor pull is typically one of the
“big nights” at these fairs. The machines are very modified and often are a closer relative to a top fuel dragster than the tractor you see pulling a farm wagon. Its fun, its loud and its expensive to participate in.

Fast forward to Marshallville Ohio. In the village park, located along the baseball fields you will find a well groomed tractor pulling track. About once per month during the summer, pullers travel to this track to test their skills and equipment.

The tractors that they use are not the fire breathing machines found at your typical county fair. The Marshallville Historical Society Antique Tractor Pullers limit the tractors by age, power and weight. These machines represent what you would find on a typical farm 30 (or more) years ago. Many of the tractors are still used in day to day farm operations today. Some have been restored and are only used for these types of events.

These machines lack much of the “wow factor” of the super modified style. What is not missing is friendly competition. You will hear drivers speaking of gearing, weight, and what “line” to use on the track.

Spectators clap and cheer when their favorite puller does well.

This is something you will not see in just every village park. It seems as Marshallville has a history of having unusual things in the park however.

For many years the fire department hosted a weekly turkey shoot in the park. This event involved competitors shooting their shotguns at paper targets testing their accuracy.
When you visit the tractor pull take a lawn chair and expect to sit within feet of the action. The admission is free.
One draw back… You might get caught behind one of the competitors as he drives his tractor back to the farm!


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