Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Deer

(You will have to click on "Oh Deer" to see the video clip.)

As I drove home from the fair last night a deer ran in front of my car within the City of Wooster.

That moment reminded me of a special day on the school bus when I was about ten years old.

In 1970 seeing deer in this area was nearly unheard of. While traveling to school one day my bus driver spotted three deer laying in a rural farm field. This moment was so special that the driver stopped the bus for several minutes so we could view these (then) rare creatures.

These “rare creatures” are far from rare today.

This video was taken from a motion activated camera close to my home. As you can see the “youngster” is attempting to nurse but mom apparently feels that the time has came for the youngster to wean.

If you look at the coats of these animals you can see that their color is changing in anticipation of winter.

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