Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. Sandman

For Mike Most working out of the home is a blast!

A lifetime in the construction field came to a end when Most was forced to have a knee replacement four years ago. “I had done construction all my life but could no longer do it because of my knee. I told my wife I wanted to work at home, so I started my own operation right here” Most said of his sandblasting shop.

Black Diamond Media is located on the corner of Fox Lake and Black Diamond Rd. next to Most Baughman township home.

Most explained that the sand he uses is not the same sand that you find in a child sandbox. “This sand is designed specifically for the task at hand. I have a number of different types of media that I use depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned” he said.

On the day I visited his shop Most was working on a car door for a classic car one of his customers was in the process of restoring. “ This door is in good shape once your get the paint and oxidation off of it. Sometimes they are in real bad shape but the customer wants it blasted so they can get a good grasp on what they have to work with.”

Most said that many people think of car restoration when they think of sandblasting but he does much more.

“Lots of women come in with antiques and want the rust knocked off of them, its surprising the things that come in here, cars, breadboxes, glass, old farm implements you name it.”

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