Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

As I searched the area for a picture that said “Labor Day” I traveled to Orrville, the home of the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society. You see, labor day was declared by Congress after the governments involvement in Pullman railroad strike of 1894.

Along the side of the Orrville Depot you will find several “dollies”or as some people call them “hand trucks”. You can see that these are not only old but they are made by hand. They are made of wood and steel. They were made in America by American’s.

As you view these relics, imagine the cargo that they carried as the trains were loaded and unloaded in Orrville. These tools made live easer by lightening the load for those who used them.

Today many will enjoy a day off (many with pay) others will have a barbeque or enjoy other end of summer activities. Many will still have to work as “Labor Day Sales” have became commonplace and those who work in retail stores must be on the job.

Likewise out public safety forces and out military continue to serve on this and other holidays.

No matter what you do today use the day as a day of reflection. Can you be a “hand truck” for someone and lighten their load?

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