Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good News?

This next week I will be busier than normal with my “real job”. The result is I will have less time to devote to this “project” Rest assured, I will continue to bring you a “photo a day” as that was the original concept of the project. I will however have to scale back on the interviews of the people you see here.
Just a temporary setback…

This picture is taken on the “Square” of Rittman on a quiet morning. As you can see the street is not lined with numerous news stands. Just one.
The Daily Record is the paper the people of Wayne County choose to read. My job has allowed be to become acquainted with some of the reporters there. People like Bobby, Christy, Jeanine, Lance, Linda, Lydia and Paul have been there for years. Others that I have known have moved on.
I have seen what these reporters do and how they do it.
Glamorous it is not.
If you read something you like…drop them a e-mail and let them know.
They are the people who bring you the news.

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