Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Big Woods

For as long as I can remember people around Marshallville have called it “the big woods”. Today it has a more formal name… The Johnson Woods State Nature Preserve.

For many years the Andrew Johnson family lived near the woods. Johnson had a reputation for forbidding anyone from entering the woods for any reason. The result? Trees that are large with some reported to be over 400 years old. This is virgin timber and at over 200 acres it is a big woods.

Upon Johnson’s death, the family made a donation to the Ohio Department of Natural resources who in turn created nature preserve.

As you visit, you will find a paved parking area and a boardwalk walking path that is made of recycled plastic materials. Along the path you will see boards with the names of area residents. These were purchased by their families as memorials.

There are two loops on the walking trail, one is about 1 ½ miles with the shorter loop being well, shorter. It is about ¼ mile.

You will notice that the walking trail is almost perfectly flat. There are not hills to climb or anything of that nature. The entire trail is handicapped accessible.

In the weeks to come autumn will bring its color and cooler temperatures. If your looking to see some of the oldest tress in the state you can to that right here.

Johnsons woods is located on Fox Lake road between SR57 and SR 94, just south of Marshallville Ohio.

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