Tuesday, September 21, 2010

57 and 585... Better than it was.

For decades the intersection of State Route 585 and State Route 57 was considered one of the most deadly within Wayne County. For many years this intersection was nothing more that a stop sign for the traffic on 57. The traffic on 585 was not required to stop.

It was common for motorist on SR57 to fail to stop. The results were often deadly. I can recall one night when a car containing five people was returning from a wedding. The occupants never made it home…ever.

Eventually a flashing light was installed requiring traffic to stop on 57. This helped but not much.

Eventually a major change came to this intersection. The change came with turn lanes, and a regular traffic light.

There are still crashes here but not so many. Sometimes change can be good.

Today’s photo is a six second exposure taken at 9:30 PM.

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