Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wayne County Ohio... a mix of old and new.

Today we take a break from interviewing and feature a picture of Wayne County life. This picture taken on Force Rd near Shreve shows a mixture of old and new.

August is a time for “making hay”in our area. The majority of our farmers have moved from the conventional small hay bales to large round bales that weigh 700 pounds or more. They do this because of efficiency.

While Wayne County is home to many “mega farms” it is also home to the Amish. The young man in the photograph is pulling his older John Deere bailer not with a tractor but with a “four horsepower” team.

The bailer had been retrofitted with a gasoline engine and is pulled across the fields (and down the road) buy the large horses. As the team traveled down the road the young man seemed to be texting on a cell phone. Quite an interesting mix of technology.

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