Friday, August 20, 2010

Wayne County Ohio. It's more than corn and cows.

The sign said “No Outlet” I however was looking for a picture, “something different” I was thinking. At the end of the Rittman street was an abandoned railroad spur and on it was well… something different.

My first impression was this is a person dressed as Willy Wonka from the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

This person was wearing a top hat, high platform shoes with a black suit. As this person was standing on the tracks another was taking pictures. I approached and explained my project and “Kai” agreed to pose for a photo.

When I ask about the outfit she said “I do this all the time, I like to dress up for pictures”

Not wanting to take away from their time I took a few quick images and we chatted about our camera choices and I moved on. While some may find her looks shocking Kai was very pleasant and accommodating.
She also told me that “she” was actually a “boy“.

Well proof once again that if you look for something a little different you can find it right here in Wayne County!


  1. Kai is amazing! I'm realy in love with is styl! I has found his gallery on Deviantart and since that i watch him. For me he is an very impressed person!

  2. I am curious about what kind of flash you used for this photo! It looks like it can't have been that bright out, but the composition is lovely.

  3. The picture was taken at 7:50 PM so there was plenty of light. The camera settings were as follows... ISO 160 F 2.8 at 1/500th.

    Flash was a Canon 580ex with a full CTO gel. The flash was placed about six feet from the subject and the WB was set at tungsten.
    Flash was fired via pocket wizards (tt5 &tt1)


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