Monday, August 23, 2010

They all look the same??? Look again.

The location is Kidron Ohio. As I was walking down the street I saw  two couples who appeared to be from out of town. One woman said “Look at all those buggies. I wonder if they just take one? They all look the same, how could they tell them apart”.

Trust me, they can tell. Over the years I have had the privilege of speaking to many people who are of the Amish faith. Most can simply glance at a buggy driving down the road and name its manufacture.

When speaking of a buggy one thing I have never heard and amish man say is “that one is an import”.

Yes, it is indeed a simpler life.



  1. I maybe would have liked to read a little more. This one is just a little blah Sorry

  2. Sorry for the lack of ‘content”. Please understand that the concept of this blog is a PICTURE a day of interesting people or places around Wayne County. I work a full time job that is in no way connected to this. This is a hobby, not a replacement for the newspaper.

  3. Was just comparing it to the other blogs. This is interesting and I am glad you are doing it. Did not mean to complain just offered a comment. :-)


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