Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scott Blair...CEO

As he finished the haircut of a 5 year old getting ready for his first day of school, he looked at the mother… “Can he have a sucker?” Mom gave her permission and the boy received his tottisepop. His younger sister was not left out… Barber Scott Blair gave her one as well.

For over 75 years the word “Blair” has been associated with the word “barbershop ” in Marshallville. As you look around the shop that is located on East Market street there is no mistaking that it is full of history.

On the walls are mounted deer heads and old clocks, pictures of family members and customers.
The wooden cabinetry appears to be from the 1940s. The wooden chairs that customers wait in are old and add further charm to the establishment.  Certainly this is one of those places that you think “if these walls could talk”.

This my friends is a barbershop not a solon.

“My Granddad Shade Blair moved here from Kentucy in 1932 and opened the shop in the building next to this one. In 1958 he built this place can we have been here ever since.” Blair said.

Scott Blair is the the owner and the third generation of Blair’s to operate the shop. Following in the footsteps of his father Jack who retired 4 years ago.

What has changed over the years? “Not much has changed with the shop, but the faces change. Some of the old timers have passed on, and new faces come in the door.” Blair said.

“I tell people that you can never tell by looking in the window how many people are waiting. Lots of guys stop in here just to talk.”

As the small boy and his mother left the shop two other men came in. Soon the conversation turned to fishing, and boats has Blair methodically clipped the hairs from the mans head.

You find few places nowdays where the name on the door matches the person actualy doing the work inside.
Blair's Barbershop is one of those places.


  1. Got many a trim there as a kid. Great pic.

  2. When I was a little kid, we used to walk up to Clinton's store and always stop in to see Grandpa Shade and get a sucker, even tho' we didn't get a haircut. Hee hee he was a softy.

  3. I worked in at Blair's Barber Shop for 3 and a half years. It was cool listening to the 'ol timers sit there and talk about Shade and Jack Blair back in the old days. You always heard the same story over and over .. some times the stories seems to grow a lil bit, depending on the size of the fish, or a buck. One thing that I learned, is you never tell your secret spots.. if it was hunting, fishing or even mushroom hunting. That kind of thing goes the the grave with the secrets never told. I enjoyed working at Blair's Barber Shop.. I miss all the guys that would come in the shop and shoot the bull. :)


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