Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ollie A. Polley

If you follow this blog you know that each Sunday is Veterans day.

If you are from the Wayne County area you certainly know about a WWI veteran who is buried in the Rittman City Cemetery…Ollie A. Polley.

Right about now you are thinking “I have never heard of this guy.”

That’s OK, as best I can tell he is not in a history book, he was never on TV and never held elected office. He simply served his country, returned to civilian life and moved on.

For certain, he was the son of proud parents, perhaps he was a father or grandfather to someone you know. All I know is he served and he served for people like you and I. People he did not, and would never know.

Thousands of other service men do the same each and every day. They too have names you names that you would not recognize. Men like Tim Likens, Sam Tomasik, Adam Brooks, Richard Feistel and many more continue to serve. You may not know their names but please pause and remember all of our military today.

The men and women who serve you today do so as a choice and deserve your support and your prayers. Let us never forget.

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