Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doylestown Barnstormers ---guys having fun.

Secluded between acres of corn and a creek loaded with carp, is a small parcel of ground that is home to the Doylestown Barnstormers. After driving past the gate and back a dirt entrance road, I found three members of the club sitting in the shade of the clubhouse. Upon hearing of my “project” two of the men quickly nominated Ray Pennington to be the spokesman.

Ray was not shy and quick to jump at the chance to show his flying skills. He explained that unlike some radio controlled planes that are powered by gas engines, his was powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery for the plane is actually charged off car battery. “Think of it as going green” he said.

Removing the battery from the charger Ray quickly installed in into the plane. After a quick check to insure the radio controls were working correctly, the plane was started (turned on, as it is electric) and airborne. For the next five minutes Pennington performed every aerial maneuver imaginable. loops, dives, slow flight, and even flying the plane upside down for a considerable distance. As the battery power begain to drop the plane was brought in for a smooth landing.

As I watched the flight I was surprised at how quiet the electric motor actually was. I would compare it to the blender you might have on your counter top. Once the plane was in the air it was hardly audible.

During the entire flight his buddies provided a good natured ribbing about his skills. I could tell that laughs and smiles were what brought these men this location. They assured me that "thick skin" was a requirement for membership.

After the flight I spoke to Ray and he informed me that he had been flying RC planes for about ten years and learned of the club about 4 years ago from a friend. When asked about how many planes he owned he said “every man should own two planes… I own nine”

As I continued with my questions I learned that the Doylestown Barnstormers had been in existence for many years and the club had been in at least four different locations over the years.

The current location on Poor Rd. south of Doylestown Ohio seems to be ideal as it is situated in a flood plane and there is little chance for the grounds to fall victim to urban sprawl. The men joked that on occasion they offer a plane to the “corn gods” when a member has a less than perfect flight and the plane goes down in the standing corn that surrounds the club.

The club website can be found at… http://doylestownbarnstormers.com/

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