Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Becky" making the most of life.

She was told that she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 30 but the woman we will call "Becky" is still walking and proving the doctors wrong.

“We moved here from Huntington West Virginia when I was in the 7th grade. It was an awkward time for me. Other kids made fun of my southern accent.  I did my best to lose it” Becky said. Soon after moving to the area Becky was diagnosed with a congenital spine disorder. Doctors told her that she would not be able to walk by the time she was 30.

Not one to be discouraged by such news Becky trained and excelled in the profession that she would learn to love. “I went to beauty school and learned to be a hairdresser. After graduation I worked in two large salons in the Akron area and earned the title of Master Stylist.”

Becky did so well she was moved into a management position but she said she did not care for it. "I was overseeing over twenty other stylist but in doing so I found I was missing out on the interaction with the customer. It was just not for me".

“I absolutely loved doing hair. It was something that I feel I was good at and I developed a large client base. I moved my chair from Akron to Marshallville and the women followed me to the new location. I was always booked solid."
Becky said one of the more memorable moments of her career was winning a large hairdressing competition in Cleveland. “I took my friend Sue with me and I had to cut and style her hair. I won the competition and actually found myself on the Channel five news.”

Unable to sit or stand for long periods of time due to the spine condition. Becky was forced to end  the career that she loved. "I love to work, I miss working and I miss the people most of all."

More recently Becky has developed a condition that prevents her body from absorbing nutrients from the food she eats. Becky finds it difficult to keep her weight above 90 pounds. She said that she normally consumes over 5000 calories per day just to maintain her weight.

“The doctor can do surgery but I must weigh 120 pounds before they will do it. I struggle just to stay at 90 pounds.” She said.
Despite these difficulties Becky continues to make the most of each day.

“I am happy, I just keep chugging away at life. There is no reason to sit around and mope. I just try to stay positive”

Becky is said she loves her home in Baughman  Township and likes the fact that friends visit and often pick the elderberry’s that grow wild on her property. Becky's illness keeps her close to home most of the time. She said one of the things she misses is her Church family.

In spite of not being able to attend church services Becky said that may of her "Church friends" stop and visit.
"My church family has given me so much support with cards flowers and visits and calls. I always pretend I"m there on Sunday mornings  I could not put a price on our love."

As I was taking the photo we stood on  Becky's back porch. I noticed and she said it... “look at this view, it is just great, I love it here."

You know someone like Becky.
Today might be the best day to give them a call, send a card, or stop in for a quick visit. There is a good chance you will know know the positive impact that might have on your "Becky"

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